Holt Lowes is owned by the Holt Lowes Trustees and the Trustees welcome visitors to the Lowes. Two public footpaths cross the site and there is also a concessionary path (part of the Holt-Mannington Circular Walk) as well as many other informal paths. As a registered common, the Lowes is also designated as access land under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act. There are no restrictions on access on foot but please note that there are no bridleways on Holt Lowes, and that access by motorbikes, quad bikes or any other form of vehicle is strictly prohibited (as an SSSI and SAC, the Lowes enjoys special legal protection).

Organised Events
If you wish to organise any formal event on Holt Lowes (sponsored walks, orienteering, pond dipping, educational visits etc.) please contact us well in advance so that we can make sure that the Lowes is suitable for your event and that you will not clash with any conservation work. In general, we discourage any organised events between April and August due to the presence of ground-nesting birds.

Collecting and Recording
The Trustees are trying to build up a database of information on the wildlife of the Lowes and we ask anyone visiting the site to conduct surveys to contact us in advance and to provide us with a copy of your findings.



  Bell Heather and Western Gorse
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